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Wolff Gunsprings
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1911 Springs. Fit 1911s with 5" barrels and the many clones such as Bul M5, Para Ordnance, Kimber, Norinco etc. Wolff springs are the standard in the industry and are highly rated by competition shooters. Two kinds are available, standard and variable. The following is Wollff's explanation of the difference.

On a conventional spring, all the coils are spaced equally apart, except for the closed ends. In a variable recoil spring the space varies between coils with less space between coils at one end and more space between coils at the other end. The way the springs store energy is also different. For example if a conventional recoil spring is compressed 1/2", it might store 1 pound of energy. For every additional 1/2" this spring is compressed it would then store 1 additional pound of energy. When a variable recoil spring is compressed 1/2", it might store 1/4 pound of energy. The next half inch of compression might store 1/2 pound, the next half inch might store 3/4 pound and so on. In other words, a conventional spring stores energy on a straight line and a variable spring stores energy on a curve. If both springs are rated at 16 pounds, they will both store 16 pounds when compressed to the same working length, but the way they get to 16 pounds is different.

It is generally considered that the variable springs are better where light springs are use. I keep a selection of both kinds in stock. As there is a large range of recoil springs available I am constantly updating my stock. If the weight or type of spring you want is not listed contact me, I may have it or can get it quite quickly

The standard Wolff Para Ordnance or STI/SVI springs are rated 10% over the standard factory springs. This is to increase reliability and service life. They also function better with +1 magazine extensions.

XP springs are the same as the standard magazine springs except they have three extra coils and the bottom end is not finished for a standard follower. They are  to be used for customizing, long magazines or magazines with extended base pads.


Note: We supply any Wolff springs to order. We get orders in every few weeks so can usually supply a special order spring in 4-6 weeks


Description Price ($Aus)
1911 Recoil Springs. Includes Heavy Duty Firing Pin Spring.
 5,6,7,8, 9,10l,11,12,13,14,15 lb Variable rate
1911 Recoil Springs. Includes Heavy Duty Firing Pin Spring.
13, 16, 18.5, 20 Standard Rate
Para Ordnance Mag Springs (Also fit other Hi-cap Style pistols) Standard rating +10% (currently Special order only) 11.00
STI/SVI/SDI/SPS Mag Springs. Standard rating +10% (currently Special order only) 11.00
XP - Para Ordnance (currently Special order only) 12.00
XP - STI/SVI/SDI/SPS  (currently Special order only) 12.00
1911 trigger/sear spring 11.00
S&W reduced power ribbed hammer spring   (Fits K, L, N, frame) 20.00
S&W Rebound springs  11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, lb (factory is 18lb) 5.00
Remington 7400/870 hammer spring +10% over factory standard 11.00
Cadet Martini firing pin spring 11.00


For more information on Wolff Gunsprings' Products, visit their website at:



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