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Storage Equipment
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We supply a range of high quality plastic storage containers at attractive prices.  The following items are kept in stock. Additional designs and sizes are available to special order, contact us to discuss  your requirements

Storage Boxes

Part numbers 1849 and 1852 are heavy duty plastic boxes. They have the same  base size and  interlock for secure stacking. Built tough for industrial use they are designed to stack with or without lids.  The lids are available separately. Available in Blue, red, orange and green.

1849T is a trolley designed to fit these boxes and is rated to carry 100 kg (220 lb).


Picture Part No.


Price ($Aus)

1849 Overall: 555 425 H240

Internal (top): 510 390 H232

Internal (bottom): 495 375 H232

1852 Overall: 560 425 H380

Internal (top): 510 390 H375

Internal (bottom): 495 375 H375

1849T Overall: 575 453 H150

Internal: 552 430 120



Shallow Storage Trays

Part numbers 1881 to 1885 are five sizes of storage boxes designed for the workshop. They can be stacked upon themselves or hung from a backing plate. Mounted on mobile racks they are particularly useful. They have a wide range of uses in shops, trade vans, workshops, garages and hobby rooms.  Available in Blue, red, orange and green, they can be colour co-ordinated with there surroundings or colour coded according to their contents.


Picture Part No. Dimensions Price ($Aus)

Overall: 100 96 H49


1882 Overall: 128 142 H70


1883 Overall: 138 170 H86


1884 Overall: 179 218 H113


1885 Overall: 220 268 H125



Deep Storage Trays

Part Numbers 1887-1889 are similar storage boxes to 1881-1889 except that they are deeper. Each box comes  with four plastic legs which can be used to mount another box on top.  They can also be locked side by side. A rigid stand alone array of boxes can be assembled with easy access  to the contents. This design has proven particular popular as a shop display. 


Picture Part No. Dimensions Price ($Aus)
1887 Overall: 123 195 H110


1888 Overall: 160 260 H115


1889 Overall: 202 340 H137




Part numbers 1920-1922 are three sizes of small storage boxes with compartments. They are useful for small parts, screws, fishhooks etc. Unlike similar boxes on the market , these have a secure catch which prevents the box from disgorging its contents  if dropped. The compartments are moulded as part of the box adding greatly to the boxes strength.


Picture Part No. Dimensions Price ($Aus)
1920 Overall: 146 104 H35


1921 Overall: 194 135 H45


1922 Overall: 242 168 H55



Travel Boxes

Part numbers 1930-1932 are three sizes of storage boxes with a  gasket seal and locking clips. Hermetically sealed they are ideal for applications where you need to keep moisture in or out. The locking clips provide secure closure combined with easy access to the contents. Ideal for the storage of cameras and other sensitive equipment in harsh seawater or dust environments. 1932, the largest has an adjustable shoulder strap


Picture Part No. Dimensions Price ($Aus)
1930 Overall: 170 115 H170

Internal (top): 157 101 H144

Internal (bottom): 140 85 H144


1931 Overall: 188 153 H200

Internal (top): 175 140 H170

Internal (bottom): 157 122 H170

1932 Overall: 288 320 H184

Internal (top): 260 200 H152

Internal (bottom): 248 185 H152



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