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S&W Revolvers
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Smith & Wesson Performance Centre 627 Miculek Special
Smith & Wesson Performance Centre has now produced a new run of the 627 V-Comp.

Although I am an enthusiastic user of S&W revolvers, I am not a S&W Dealer. However I was asked to track down these incredible revolvers and was fortunate enough to obtain a small quantity of this limited edition dream machine.

They incorporate features specified by revolver legend Jerry Miculek and were used by him to establish world speed shooting records. Recently a second batch has been produced identical to the first except that instead of the Miculek grips, they now come with a set of wooden combat grips plus a set of Hogue rubber grips. Best of all due to our strengthened dollar they're cheaper!

These are a limited edition so get them while you can!

Stainless steel, 8 shot .357 with moon clips. (can also be used without the clips)

Features include:

bulletBoth a set of Wooden combat style grips and a set of Hogue rubber grips included
bulletHeavy 5 barrel with detachable compensator
bulletNon compensated end cap included
bulletComes in a Performance Centre Hard case

Price: Aus$1950.00


Smith & Wesson Performance Centre .327 8 shot .357
A 21st Century revolver from Smith & Wesson crafted from the new Scandium Alloy  and Titanium.  Incorporating a stainless barrel with a titanium shroud assembled like Dan Wesson's system, the barrel is easily removable and adjustable for flash gap. The cylinder is made of Titanium and is 8 shot cut for moonclips. The downside of course is that it only has a two inch barrel and is not available to sports shooters in this configuration.

I originally obtained a small quantity of these for conversion to a  super lightweight race gun for shooting steel. They are available as is to suitably licensed persons or can be converted to a longer, match grade barrel.

Price: Aus$1850.00


.38 Super Moonclips
EDM wire cut from spring steel and stress relieved for long and reliable life, these moonclips are Made in Australia and competitively priced at $8.50 each.



Description Part No. Price ($Aus)
Smith & Wesson Performance Centre 627 V-comp 170237 1750.00
Smith & Wesson Performance Centre .327 8 shot .357   1850.00
Moonclips to suit 8shot using Winchester Brass   4.50
Moonclips to suit 8shot using Remington and other Brass   6.50
.38 Super Moonclips   8.50


For more information on Smith & Wesson's Products, visit their website at:



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