Note:- Currently we are not importing Red-i-laser sighting tools and do not have any in stock.

The product is a laser device for setting the sights and/or telescope of a rifle and secondly used as a aiming/training tool.  The laser is built into a metal unit machined to the exact size and shape of a regular bullet.

Traditionally one had to zero the sights of the rifle by firing shots on a target and then adjust the sights accordingly.  This is only possible in an environment or facility where safety aspects and negative effects (for instance noise) can be accommodated.

The main advantages are the cost saving aspects, the noiseless operating of the product, the precision achieved by using the product and the fact that no special terrain or facility is needed to zero the rifle.

The product will also be of great use in initial rifle training situations. Users can practice to aim and fire without using live ammunition.  The cost saving and safety benefits are evident.

Hunters often find themselves in situations where they would want to zero their rifles without firing shots, for instance where the hunter is near the game but he/she dropped the rifle on the way there.  Guides in the ecotourism environment such as nature conservation areas where rifles are to be carried as a safety precaution measure, have to zero their rifles without disturbing the natural environment. Red-i is ideal for zeroing night sight telescopes as well.


Description Price ($Aus)
Red-i-laser Bore Sighter in .223 or .308  


For more information on the Red-i-Laser, visit their website at:

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