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D-Design is the research and development arm of Boxtrade, engaged in the design and manufacture of specialised guns and equipment. Staying true to the philosophies of Boxtrade, the products developed under D-design always contain the following attributes:

bulletHigh quality and rugged construction for a longer-lasting product
bulletTechnologically sophisticated to help a shooter achieve his/her best.
bulletAffordable to make it available to everybody in shooting.

Products developed under D-Design include the D-loader and the D-optic.


Bul M-5 Products

Israeli made handguns which use the latest technology to produce state of the art guns ideal for competitive shooters as well as the Police and Security industries.


Smith and Wesson
We have the new run of the Smith and Wesson Performance Centre 627 Mickulek Special 8-shot .357 magnum revolver and the 327


Other New Guns

We have a couple of 1911s made by the Rock Island Amory and the Springfield Armory for sale.


Second Hand Guns

We get a few second hand guns into stock. Check this page for details


Competitive Edge Dynamics (CED) Shooting Electronics, Range Bags and other Products

CED has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing quality shooting products for over twelve years. Leading the industry today with professional products, including the CED8000 timer, CED Millennium Chronograph, Digital Scales, Ear Protectors, Range Bags. Specializing in advanced design, technology, style, and function, CED products have become the standard in the industry.


Sprinco Guide Rods

Sprinco Recoil Reducers make a significant difference by the management of peak recoil forces within the handgun, which can exceed 1500 ft lbs. at impact. By decelerating the reward slide speed with the secondary spring just prior to impact, the Sprinco System reduces these forces by 500 - 750 ft lbs...


Wolff Gunsprings

Wolff Gunsprings are precision springs for firearms including recoil, hammer, mainsprings, magazine, firing pin, striker and other firearm springs. Spring material and processes provides high quality, reliability and proven performance not found with other springs.



A cost effective alternate to chemical light sticks

Note. Glo-toobs are not currently available


Revolutionises zeroing your scope and checking zero in the field, eliminating the need for firing live ammo.

Note:- Red-i-lasers are not currently available

Storage Equipment

We supply a range of high quality plastic storage containers at attractive prices.  The following items are kept in stock. Additional designs and sizes are available to special order, contact us to discuss  your requirements...


Switztool Screwdrivers

Precision crafted tool blades are cold formed from tough aircraft grade AISI-S2M chrome-vanadium-molybdenum alloy and extra hardened for long life. Ergonomically designed, high-torque handle, moulded from rugged and made from fibre-reinforced composite material...


Miscellaneous Parts



We offer a number of specialist services for your gun.


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