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News and Special Offers

This is where we'll announce any news relevant to Boxtrade, including any shoots or expos that we will be attending.

Both The SC and Professional range bags now come in standard  in 5 colours - Black, Medium Blue, Navy Blue, Green and Red

The Millennium Chronograph has been updated and has more sensitive detection and a several new features. Until I can get my page updated please go to the manufacturers web site at http://www.cedhk.com/show.php/Object29  for the latest specification.

The CED7000 timer and accessories are now available. Again I have been dragging my heels in updating the web page. Until I do, please go to the manufacturers web site at http://www.cedhk.com/show.php/Object700 for the specification.

 Note the CED 7000 complements the CED8000. It does not replace it.

The CED/Double Alpha Academy Range ready cleaning Kit is now available at $99 each

I  have Bul M5s in stock and available for immediate delivery. The standard finish is a new black one that Bul call their "tough finish" If you want a hard chromes slide we get it done locally . The Government model now comes standard with an adjustable sight and the IPSC model is supplied with a steel mag catch. 

Recreational Software International
Now you can measure chamber pressures and have a ballistics program which integrates with the Millennium Chronograph providing an complete Ballistics Laboratory for  around $1000!

See www.shootingsoftware.com for more information

Available now. Synthetic Pistol grip stocks to fit the Remington 7600 and 7615.
See http://atigunstocks.com/product-rem7600-3.html  for details

For those who mourn the loss of their service style .45 , or want a classic 1911A1 as John Moses Browning intended, we now have Rock Island Armory 1911A1s in .38 Super at very attractive prices. An ideal entry level  gun for someone who wants to shoot practical disciplines but not outlay megabucks, for shooting military service matches  or, as a project gun for anyone who wants to add their own enhancements.

Bul are not making the M5 in .357 SIG at this time, howver we have converted many Buls to .357 SIG and can supply new guns converted to this calibre.

We have in stock the CED 8000 timers with wireless option and the Bigboard remote displays. As an introductory offer we will also include the wireless timekeeper at no extra charge! More information at the CED page.

The pages of second hand guns does not contain a big range of guns, but contains some unusual items for the collector. Parts lists have also been updated.

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Last modified: Wednesday, 27 July 2005