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Due to time constraints, The D-loader is not currently in production and we do not expect it to be made in the near future. It is left on the site out of interest only. 


The unique speed loader for moon clipped revolvers. It holds the moon clip and propels it into the chambers in the same way that a jet loader does for conventional revolvers. It also tensions the rounds in the moon clip thereby eliminating cartridge jiggle. Currently available in .38/.357 for the S&W 627. They will shortly be available for the S&W 627 in .38 super.

These are individually machined out of Delrin plastic. Consequently I can never keep up with demand and a certain amount of patience is required when you place an order.

Price: Aus$55.00



A new optical sight with the following features

bulletLarge screen
bulletRugged and compact aluminium Construction.
bulletMounts directly to a Weaver or Picatinny sight rail.
bulletNo need to re-zero when remounting the dismounted sight.
bulletUses a single economical CR 2032 battery.
bulletLow power consumption for long battery life.
bulletTubeless design with 33mm reflex lens aperture provides
a wide field of view
bulletMulti-Reticle (4 patterns) or Variable Dot (4different sizes).
bulletParallax corrected and unlimited eye-relief.
bulletAllen head screw type windage and elevation click
adjustments with locking screw.
bulletLight weight, waterproof and shockproof.
bullet7 position adjustable intensity

There are two options of reticle sets. The first  has four dot sizes of approximately 2, 5, 10, and 15 M.O.A. The second model has a dot, a dot within a circle, a dot within a cross, and a dot within a circle within a cross.

You can find an information sheet with information on how to use D-optic's functions, plus some specifications, in our documentation page.

Price: Aus$250.00




We are not gunsmiths, however there are a number of specialist services we can provide including:

bulletModifying or supplying sights converted to take fibre optic 
bulletThreading shotgun barrels for Rem Choke tubes
bulletFitting Ghost ring rear sights to shotguns or rifles
bulletChambering in the following calibres
bullet.22 rimfire. (Bentz match chamber)
bullet.22 Remington Jet
bullet.357 Maximum
bullet.357 SIG
bullet.400 Corbon
bullet.38 Corbon
bullet.38/45 Clerke
bullet.38 Super
bulletDeepening throats in .38 and 40/10mmCal to take bullets loaded longer than factory standard or reduce chamber pressures.
bulletReaming muzzles for an 11  or 45Deg Crown
bulletReaming 1" scope rings mounted on the rifle to ensure perfect alignment and reduce stresses on the scope.

Please contact us  for further details



Description Price ($Aus)
D-loader 55.00
D-optic 250.00


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